Cave “Szemlőhegyi” – free

On a family trip to the cave “Szemlőhegyi”, in Buda, I took these handheld shots, with my old 550d. I just can’t wait to see, if the 5d II can perform better in low light situations, like this. I hope, it can! These images are free to download, and for personal use, but they are grainy, so, be …

Band photography

With the bands “Ati and the Shadow birds”, and “The Silver Shine” I made a lot of press photography in the past. Here are a few examples…

Cortex – free

Feel free to use these images in your projects! Please send me a link, or a photo and a few lines about your project, if these images were at your help!

Body-object | akt

Here you can see the results of my efforts about mixing the feelings of objects and the female body.

Akt in move

Experiments with long exposure akt photography to record the movements of a naked body.


The “dance in stills” project. My very first attempts to record the fluid movements of dancers.

Ghost reviews – Szandra

Szandra is the self-confidence itself! We tried to create some abandoned-house’s-ghost-like images. I love the results. At some point it feels like she is half alive, half over this existence!  

Pre-wedding session

Dalma and Tamás are so insane, and so cute at the same moment. They can’t stand still even for a moment. I loved to walk and shoot with them so much!